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RSE at Baguley Hall

Relationships and Sex Education is an important part of our PSHE curriculum at Baguley Hall. Please find attched below some resources and further information for parents and carers. If you do have any questions or advice please don't hestitate to get in toich with either Mrs Buluman or Mrs Williamson (PSHE Coordinator). 

Below is a list of objectives for each year group which will be covered in RSE lessons during the second half of the Summer term.

Year group


Topic/theme details


Summer 2

  1. Who are the special people in my life? (family)
  2. What are the differences and similarities between people?
  3. What are the similarities between girls and boys? (body parts)


Summer 2

  1. What is private? (body parts)
  2. What happens when the body grows young to old?
  3. What is fair, unfair, kind and unkind? (friendship)


Summer 2

  1. What is personal space? (unwanted touch)
  2. What does a healthy relationship look like? (friendship)
  3. Why is being equal important in relationships? (trust)


Summer 2

  1. What is diversity? (inc. LGBT+)
  2. Do boys and girls have different roles? (sport/jobs/toys)
  3. What changes happen to my body? (menstruation)


Summer 2

  1. What are the different relationships in my life?
  2. What is unwanted touch? Understanding FGM
  3. What is puberty?


Summer 2

  1. What changes happen in my life?
  2. What happens in a loving relationship (incl. marriage) and what is forced marriage?
  3. How is a baby made?



PSHE Vocabulary

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