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Chinese New Year

Year 6 started celebrating Chinese New Year a little early this year when they welcomed some visitors from Manchester Airport. As well as learning some important Chinese phrases, the children were able to find out about different parts of China and talk to one of our guests who grew up in Beijing. Children learnt some how to write some Chinese words and made their own present envelopes, just like the ones given in China to celebrate New Year.

There was also the chance to taste some Chinese food - using chopsticks! (That was tricky...)



We all had a try at some Chinese phrases.


We decorated our lucky red envelopes with Chinese phrases.


Some of us did well with the chopsticks.


We found out Chinese writing is very different from English - there are no individual letters. We had to use special pens to copy the words.


Nearly everybody liked the food we tried - it was delicious.


We found out about the terracotta army - one of the most famous archaeological digs in China.

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