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The Victorians have arrived in Year 5 and 6

In year 5/6 we are learning about the Victorian era. We had a two day topic launch and immersed ourselves in Victorian based learning! We looked at artifacts as evidence, timelines from the era, learnt all about Queen Victoria and her children, Victorian art and even what life was like as a child in the Victorian times.

"We really enjoyed learning about the Victorians as it was fun learning about the history and famous people"

Sima & Natasha.

We used our historical enquiry skills to find out about events in the past. The historical skills we are developing are:

  • Use photographs and paintings to infer and deduce information
  • Construct and organise events on a timeline in chronological order
  • Observe artefacts
  • Research using the medium of ICT and texts.


We have thought of some questions we could research and learn about as our topic goes on throughout the term:

  • Did women work in Victorian times?
  • What sports did they play?
  • What kind of food did they eat?
  • What clothes did they wear?
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