One of the most important things you can do for your child's future is to make sure they receive their education.

Attendance at school means that they will be able to achieve the best they can and have more opportunities open to them.

We celebrate  good or improved attendance. 

Pupils’ attendance at school is recorded and monitored every day. If your child is between 5 and 16 years of age and is registered at school, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that they attend regularly and are on time. If school feel that there is no satisfactory explanation for an absence it will be recorded as unauthorised. If we are concerned about any unauthorised absences we will want to talk to you about this, to see if we can help to support your child's attendance. This may include a home visit to see why the child is off school.

Continued absence will lead to a penalty notice being issued. This can be a £120 fine per adult in the household, per child or even prosecution which could result in up to a £2500 fine, parenting order or imprisonment.

Please be aware, if prosecuted you will have a criminal record. 

School starts at 8.45am

Your child will receive a late mark if they arrive after the teacher has marked the register. However if your child arrives 15 minutes after the start of school they will receive a “U” unauthorised absence. This will affect your child’s overall attendance percentage. 

Because of timetabling, being frequently late means your child will regularly miss their learning in either english or maths. They will fall behind and find it difficult to catch up.

If your child is late for school by just 10 minutes each day, over the period of the year they will have missed almost a full school week!

For more information, please see the full policy on our Policies’ page.

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