Eco Council

Who are we?

We are a group of children from KS1 and KS2, elected by our classmates to form the Eco Council.

Ms Goulding works with us, we meet together in school to discuss the issues, plan and take action.

Article 29 of the CRC states that every child should be enouraged to respect the environment. The Eco Council helps to ensure this right is met in our school.

What do we do?

The Eco Council aims to promote sustainability. We work together on different topics such as:

  • Energy - reducing our energy usage and emissions
  • Water - reducing our water usage
  • Bio-diversity - increasing the plant and animal species in our school grounds and local environment, including growing our own food
  • Transport - encouraging children to walk or use public transport
  • Litter - maintaining a clean school environment
  • Waste - reducing the use of resources and re-cycling where possible
  • Global citizenship - learning about different environmental issues around the world