Children's Rights & Peacemala

Peace Mala

UNCRC Article 14 Every child has the right to think what they like and be whatever religion they want to be, with their parents’ guidance.

At Baguley Hall School we are committed to following the Golden Rule of Peace Mala which is simply

Treat others as you would wish them to treat you.


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By becoming a Peace Mala school we endeavour to cut through all forms of

prejudice, to confront bullying, to support human rights and to celebrate what makes us different from each other. Fourteen spiritual traditions, along with their individual versions of the Golden Rule, are represented on the bracelet




Wearing the bracelet is a promise to help create a better world. Every adult in our school wears a bracelet to show how important Peace Mala is to us as a school.






Rights Respecting School

We are a Gold Rights Respecting school, with the values of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child at the heart of our ethos. We are aiming to empower our children to  become active citizens and valuable members of our community.


Our new Peace Mala display is now up in school full of all the lovely work made by children in all year groups at Baguley Hall. Well done everyone!


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