Learning at Baguley Hall

At Baguley Hall, we follow the content of the EYFS and National Curriculums, planned and sequenced in such a way as to provide a knowledge engaged curriculum which is underpinned by the development of any specific skills pertaining to subject areas.  We prioritise the teaching and enjoyment of reading.

In addition to the content set out in the National Curriculum, we ensure that our children have the opportunity to learn lots of additional skills and develop their knowledge and understanding fully and pursue excellence in particular areas. We take part in sports competitions and opportunities in the locality; specialist teachers provide instrumental lessons to all children in KS2; resilience, empathy, aspiration, confidence and honesty are developed through our Rights Respecting and Peacemala ethos and a carefully planned programme of visits, visitors and residential trips within and beyond the local area, builds cultural capital and encourages children to think flexibly, challenge themselves and take risks with their learning.

Our curriculum is designed to remove the socio-economic barriers our children face and to develop their aspirations. It will equip our children for the next steps in their educational journey, encourage them to be lifelong learners and begin their development as well rounded citizens who can use critical thinking skills, resilience, empathy and understanding to make well informed choices and a valuable contribution to society.

More detailed information about the content of each subject can be found on the individual subject pages from the drop down menu.

In our EYFS, children learn through a thematic curriculum which provides contextual learning focussing on early literacy skills and the introduction and exploration of the vocabulary which will underpin subject specific learning in KS1 and KS2.

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PE - Gymnastics and Dance curriculum (Cycle 2)


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