Subject Leaders: Miss J Mason (Reading and Literacy & Language Lead), Miss S Gordyniec (Writing and Literacy & Language Lead), Miss E Green and Miss R Heapy (Read Write Inc Leads)


At Baguley Hall we use speaking, reading and writing as a ‘passport to experiences, places and times’ that our pupils may never experience.

Our English curriculum intent will:

  • promote and encourage a lifelong enjoyment and a love of speaking and communicating, reading and writing; 
  • equip pupils with the spoken language skills, to support them cognitively, socially and linguistically;
  • equip pupils with reading and writing skills that enable them to know more and remember more with increasing independence; 
  • provide the chance for every child to become a natural confident speaker, reader and writer; 
  • enhance pupils’ vocabulary naturally through talk, reading and writing and to support them in understanding the relationships between words;
  • prepare pupils for the next stages of their lives and their education;
  • provide regular opportunities for pupils to take part in speaking and listening activities, discussions and drama; read independently, out loud and to be read to; write clearly, accurately and coherently, adapting their language and styles, for a range of purposes, audiences and in varied forms;
  • develop a broad range of: speaking and listening skills that can be applied across the whole curriculum in order to learn; reading skills that can be applied to a wide range of reading text types and genres across the whole curriculum; writing skills, including: transcription (spelling, handwriting), composition and planning, revising and evaluating; enable children to write neatly and at a good pace, with the correct lettering and with joined writing from year 2 onwards; commit (finance and time) to providing pupils with a range of resources to stimulate their desire to engage in discussions, to read and to write.

In line with the National Curriculum, we provide an English curriculum that develops appropriate subject knowledge, skills and understanding in speaking and in reading and writing, so that children can know more and remember more to help them reach and exceed their potential at Baguley Hall Primary School and beyond.

Our curriculum has the knowing and understanding of vocabulary at its core across all subject areas. Through our choice of quality texts, children develop a love of reading, recognise the pleasure they get from it, and understand that reading allows them to discover new knowledge, revisit prior knowledge and understand more about what they learn, fuelling their imagination and giving them ideas to use in their own work. We make explicit links between speaking, reading and writing to enable children to read as writers and write as readers. 

Read Write Inc. is used from R - Y6 for the  teaching of reading and spelling. From year 2 onwards, once children have completed the RWI units, they move onto the Comprehension Programme (which acts as a bridging unit between RWI and Literacy and Langauge). Children then move onto Literacy and Language. If a child is in year 5 or 6 and is not ready to move onto the Comprehension Programme or Literacy and Language, they start the Fresh Start Programme. 

Applied reading skills are further developed during Guided Reading Sessions (where books may stand alone, or be linked to topic), 1:1 reading support provision and with our Home Reader collections. When they are securing their phonic knowledge, children bring home books they can phonically decode. As they develop their fluency, they will experience a wider range of books and, once ready, the Accelerated Reader Programme gives them some autonomy in selecting appropriate books and monitoring their own progress.

Reading for pleasure is widely encouraged through the carefully selected range of texts shared daily from Nursery - Year 6

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