Playground Charter

This charter was written by the children of KS2 and shared with KS1.

It is regularly reviewed with the staff and pupils to ensure everyone in school understands how children's rights are respected during our playtimes.

In 2023 our School Council carried out some research into our playtimes and felt that they could still be improved.

UNCRC Article 12 every child has the right to an opinion and for it to be listened to and taken seriously.

The Council discussed this with the adults in school and it was decided that a change was needed.

A new role, the Playground Pal, was introduced - you can spot them on the playground as they wear rainbow armbands. These children ensure that the playground charter is followed and ask the adults on duty for help when  it is needed. They also make sure all children enjoy the right to relax and play by checking in to the Buddy Stop to help others who might need a friend to play with.