The Equality Act 2010 replaces the previous anti discrimination laws with a single Act. It simplifies the law, removing inconsistencies and making it easier for people to understand and comply with it. It also strengthens the law in important ways to help tackle discrimination and inequality.

At Baguley Hall Primary School we take our Equality Duty very seriously

The general duty to promote equality

Schools must have due regard to the need to:

 1) eliminate discrimination, harassment, victimisation and any other conduct that is prohibited by the Act;

 2) advance equality of opportunity between persons who share a relevant protected characteristic and persons who do not share it by:  removing or minimising disadvantages suffered by people which are connected to a particular characteristic they have; taking steps to meet the particular needs of people who have a particular characteristic; encouraging people who have a particular characteristic to participate fully in any activities;

 3) foster good relations between persons who share a relevant protected characteristic and persons who do not share it. Schools need to consider how they tackle prejudice and promote understanding through:  the curriculum , community cohesion , anti-bullying policies

Specific Duties

There are 2 specific duties for schools:

1) To publish equality information which shows compliance with the duty (annually). 

2) To prepare and publish one or more equality objectives (every 4 years later)

Equality Objectives 2021 -25

 This is a summary of the objectives that have been set for our school.  You will be kept informed of our progress relating to these as and when appropriate.  The objectives will be reviewed annually and may be changed as a result of this.  This information can additionally be found on the school website.  




To develop understanding of discrimination  in the UK and in the wider world

Children need to have a greater understanding of the different issues that face a variety of people and some of the reasons why so they can be mindful of these and develop thinking that supports being caring for others in line with the school mission statement and values. 

To develop empathy for others and to understand the connection between impact of action and short/long term consequences of this. 



Peacemala Accreditation


Rights Respecting Gold Award



Picture News Assemblies included in SMSC calendar


PSHE (Pilot for Manchester Healthy Schools' PSHE Curriculum


Stonewall Accreditation 

(Pending Spring 2021)



Ensure schools’ policies and practice  support staff, pupils and parents/carers with protected characteristics

We need to ensure we are fulfilling our duty to minimise any discrimination towards any particular group of persons thus supporting us to successfully fulfil our moral duty towards all (in line with school ethos) and the Equality Act 2010.  



Equality policy

SRE Policy

Behaviour Policy

SEND policy


Accessibility Plan

(Not exhaustive)


To develop staff expertise in supporting pupils with disability including emotional and mental health needs.

We need to encourage any pupil with any disability to engage and fulfil their potential in all aspects of school life.  To do this, staff need to have a thorough understanding of the types of disability and be able to encourage and develop the necessary skills for the pupil to fulfil potential and to engage fully in school life. 


Regular review and revision of whole school Behaviour policy.

Monitoring and evaluation of impact.

Training and support to develop one page Profiles and individualised learning plans.

Trained Designated Mental Health Lead

Become a Nurture Schools UK school 2021 22


To develop ways to support the community we live in

Pupils and staff need to understand that they can make a positive difference to people who live nearby and how this reflects our school Christian ethos.


Community links:

litter picks,

Carol Singing,

Harvest Parcels

Children in Need, Marie Curie, Comic Relief and Save the Children charity events.

Protected Characteristics

age; disability; gender identitiy; pregnancy and maternity; race; religion or belief; sex; marital/relationship status

How Does Baguley Hall Comply with the Equality Duty?

We are a Rights Respecting School

We are a Peacemala School

We are a Stonewall School

We welcome and support children with additional needs and/or disability

We have whole school and individualised behaviour strategies

We have a Children and Families Team to provide pastoral support care and guidance for families

We are an Equal opportunities Employer

Policies that related to the Equality Duty can be found on the documents and policies page

Staff Training

  • The Equality policy and Equality Objectives are given to all staff members in their Induction File.
  • Whole staff Training was last delivered on 2.10.2019