Level One

Level 1 Assessment

We were delighted when our school was  assessed as meeting the standards for UNICEF UK’s Rights Respecting Schools Award at LEVEL 1, an important milestone at the beginning of our Rights Respecting journey.

The UNICEF assessor spoke to children, staff and parents and produced a report all about our school. He found:

  • The vast majority of the children spoken with demonstrated a good knowledge of a large number of rights and they have a clearly understanding that rights are universal and unconditional. Among many comments made about the importance of knowing their rights, one pupil said ‘It helps you make a difference in the world.’
  • Charters and other RRS displays have helped to reinforce the language of rights and respect and it is evident that this is starting to have an impact on relationships across the school. There are strong dialogues around all aspects of safety and anti-bullying.
  • The right of children to have a say in all matters that affect them is becoming a strong feature of the school. Pupil democracy is embedded and the children are empowered to act in many ways.
  • The children are active in a number of local, national and global fundraising campaigns.